Unique Ways to Select Nail Polish Colours

By Inspirationail

Spring ColoursWhen it comes to choosing colour, too much selection can be a problem, but we haven’t let that stop us from giving you more choices. Sometimes it’s all about seeing one perfect colour to suit you (or your fave garment) that makes your outfit feel complete.

Whatever Gets the Job Done

While we often offer colour advice in the form of fashion trends and seasonal ideas, some of our advice is slightly less orthodox. Today we want to share some more unique and whimsical ideas for selecting nail colours. There is a whole world of colour out there and sometimes you find beauty in the most unexpected places.

Inspirationail Colour School

Inspirationail Colour SchoolFor centuries artists have been mixing and combining colours and from this artistry the colour wheel was developed. We created a series of colour school lessons which cover the basics of the colour wheel; warm & cool colours; tints, shades & tones; as well as in depth looks at primary, secondary, tertiary & neutral colours.

Skin Tone & Nail Varnish

Skin Tone & Nail VarnishIf using a wheel isn’t your thing, you can also select shades based on your skin colour type. Everyone falls under a seasonal colour, and using a combination of factors you can easily determine yours. We can help you discover which season your skin colour is and help you select nail polish that is perfectly tailored to look fabulous on you.

Colour Therapy on Your Nails

Colour Therapy on Your NailsColour therapy is based on the colours of the 7 different chakras located in the body. Subscribers believe that doses of specific colours can balance chakras that have become out of whack from illness or stress. Whether or not you believe, colour therapy for nails is a fun way to discover new colours that may even make you feel better.

What Your Fave Varnish Colour Says About You

What Your Fave Varnish Colour Says About YouIt’s true that colour says a lot about personality and the colours you choose to wear reflect you as a person and an artist. Generally nail polish is selected based on your mood at the time or your affinity for certain shades. This is just for fun, here you can learn a little more about what your favourite colour says about you.

The History of Nail Polish

The History of Nail PolishAs it turns out, the history of nail polish is a long and varied one which started (we think) in India. From Cleopatra to Marilyn Monroe, famous and powerful women have driven fashion trends for centuries. During the 20th century the entire world of colouring nails changed forever – today it’s a top seller!

Tips for Finding Green Polish & Products

Tips for Finding Green Polish & ProductsAlthough all of the above ways are great for finding new polish shades, we like to think our readers are more concerned with finding green products than anything else. We’ve got a whole list of places to look for greener nail products and luckily the list is so big you’ll have no problem finding the colours you love.

Love the Advice

Beyond these unique ideas we have plenty more to offer and even more on the way. For now be sure to check out how to choose varnish to beat the winter blues and check out some tips for healthy hands and feet to make applying that polish a breeze.


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