Top 10 Most Conscientious Nail Polish Brands

By Inspirationail

WinnersOver the last few weeks we’ve been featuring fabulous brands that choose to be more conscientious with your beauty. Whether they are water based or vegan we have a thing for varnishes that don’t pollute us or the world around us.

How We Tallied

We have spent many hours researching the safest varnish brands out there and our results are based on the information we could find about each company (including their code of ethics). Contestants were judged on their commitment to your health, their decision not to test on animals (or use animal products – top rankers are vegan) and their attempts to be more environmentally responsible.

How about a big round of applause to these brands for trying to make the world a better place!

10. Deborah Lippmann

Deborah Lippmann

9. No Miss

No Miss

8. Mavala


7. Sante


6. Honeybee Gardens

Honeybee Gardens

5. Peacekeeper


4. Scotch Naturals

Scotch Naturals

3. Nubar


2. Suncoat


And The Winner Is…Acquarella


What Do You Think?

It wasn’t easy to decide but what does everyone think, did we rank them well? We’d also love to hear your favourite conscientious varnish brands in the comments below. Be sure to check out features with a whole array of brands who strive to be better than your average cosmetic companies.

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