Your Nails & Your Health

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Healthy NailsNail health is a good indication of your overall health. Remember, we aren’t doctors & these symptoms are meant for informative purposes only. Self diagnosis can be dangerous and if you are displaying any strange nail symptoms see your doctor immediately.

*Update: Bear in mind what Marian has stated in the comment, “the nail condition is more likely to be due to a very simple explanation”.

Black Bits Under Nails
Can be due to cardiovascular or heart problems.

Brittle Nails
Could mean thyroid, kidney or circulation issues.

Bumps on Nails
Sometimes due to rheumatoid arthritis.

Chipped, Cracked or Peeling Nails
Usually due to poor nutrition and/or a mineral deficiency.

Dark Blue Line on Nails
Can be a sign of skin cancer.

Dark Blue Nail Beds
Can be caused by lung troubles (like asthma or emphysema).

Dark Coloured Nails
Often due to chemicals (like bleach) or an allergic reaction.

Flat Nails
Could be an indication of Raynaud’s disease.

Green Nails
Usually due to a fungal infection, but can also be caused by an internal bacterial infection.

Half-White Nails With Dark Spots at the Tips
Can be related to kidney disease.

Horizontal Nail Ridges
Generally comes from severe stress (mental or physical), also found in people with arthritis.

Nail Ends Curving Downward
May be due to liver, heart or respiratory problems.

Nails With Reddish-Brown Spots & Splitting Ends
Can be due to psoriasis, but also comes from a deficiency of vitamin C, folic acid and/or protein.

Nails With Small White Ends & Raised at the Base
Can be an indication of a respiratory disorder (can also be an inherited trait).

Red Cuticles
May come from poor metabolisation of essential fatty acids or more rarely from Lupus.

Soft, Shiny Brittle Nails Without a Moon
May indicate hyperthyroidism.

Thin, Flat Nails
Generally indicates a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vertical Nail Ridges
Comes from poor nutritional health & poor nutrient absorption, can also come from kidney disorders.

Very Thick Nails
Can indicate weak cardiovascular system and poor blood circulation or thyroid disease.

White Lines on Nails
Can signal a fever, liver, heart or kidney problems and more often a deficiency in iron or zinc.

White Nails
May be a sign of anemia, liver or kidney disease.

White Nails With Pink Tips
A sign of cirrhosis of the liver.

Yellow Nails
Indicates disorders of the lymphatic or respitory systems as well as diabetes & liver disease.

Yellow Nails on Index & Middle Finger
Try quit smoking & use the money saved for a weekly beauty treatment, gym membership or dinner at your favourite restaurant.

Keeping Your Nails Healthy

Tak a closer look at some of the vitamins & minerals that are essential to nail (and overall) health & why not check out non-toxic nail polishes, polish removers & nail files. Healthy alternatives which will help keep your nails in tip top shape.


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