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Finger Nail Fixer
The Nail Notebook is the brain child of Holly Schippers aka the FingerNailFixer.

It is a global craft project for any and all nail professionals. We are going to undertake creating marketing material in the form of a “Nail Notebook”! This notebook can be put on display in your reception area, left by the hair dryers, set on your retail shelves, or you can make multiples to drop off at strategic places in town like doctor or dentist offices. It is completely customizable and everything we do should be interpreted to reflect you and your talents, says Holly.

The idea is that every couple of weeks Holly posts an assignment on the Editors blog over at Nails Mag with detailed step-by-step instructions of how to get your Nail Notebook upto scratch resulting in educated clients and business rocking.

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Twitter: @FingerNailFixer
Facebook: FingerNailFixer
YouTube: How to videos
Nail Notebook: Nails Mag – from the Editors blog
Athena Elliotts Guest on Nail Talk Radio
Inspirationail Minx Week: Competition Winner 2009

About Holly

Holly L. Schippers currently resides in Iowa. She attended the Creative Institute in England, July 2004, facilitated by world-renowned nail artists Samuel Sweet (Leeds, UK) and Doug Smith (San Diego, CA). Holly pursued her salon career in Oskaloosa, Iowa. As an Education Ambassador for CND (Creative Nail Design), she has received advanced training in the latest technology and techniques in today’s nail industry, SEE training, and creative business strategies. Holly has designed nails for use in New York Fashion Week and has appeared in NAILS Magazine. Known in the industry as the FingerNailFixer, Holly believes education is the foundational component in producing professional nail technicians. She is thrilled to share her knowledge, love, and passion for nails with you. [source: NailTalkRadio]

Nail Notebook

Assignment #6 Coming soon

Assignment #5 – Create a mini menu

Assignment #4 – Retail

Assignment #3 – Creating Before and After Photo Collages with Text

Assignment #2 – Education for your clients & examples of your work

Assignment #1(b) – More specific instructions on creating a cover

Assignment #1(a) – The first assignment is to gather materials and make a cover for your notebook

Slow and steady for winning results

Within no time at all you will see your Nail Notebook develop into something unique and cherished, you can spend as little or as much time and money on it as you desire and don’t forget your clients are bound to show interest and love it as much as you do.


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