The Perfect @ Home Manicure

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Manicure @ HomeEveryone loves a trip to the salon to get a professional manicure, but it’s not always a practical expense. Luckily there are a number of great products that allow you to bring the spa experience home with you.

Home is Where the Heart is

So the planning for your pampering manicure will be in your zone, where you can exercise complete climate control.

1. Create Your Space

Location is the most essential element of a relaxing experience, so find a quiet room and lock yourself in it (away from your cell phone). Be sure the space is comfortable and that you turn off (& unplug) all electronic equipment in the room (except a music player if you like).

Find a nice spot with natural light to set up your home spa and enhance your experience through music & scented candles.

2. Prepare Your Arsenal

Setting up your space before you begin allows you to enjoy total relaxation without having to hop up & grab bits. Find yourself a comfortable, low slung chair, something to put your feet up on and a table at a good height for holding your tools. You’ll also need a bowl filled with warm water – add a drop or two of your favorite scented oil.

The Rest of The List…

Cotton balls & polish remover – Opt for products that are free of chemicals and biodegradable.
Cuticle nippers – Only use them for loose bits, never cut your cuticles.
Nail Clippers- Invest in a decent pair & you won’t regret it.
Home Manicure ToolsNail File – By far the best for your nails (& the environment) is a glass file.
A sugar scrub – Get something lush with small sugar crystals.
A soft towels – Hand towel size is sufficient.
Soft organic cotton gloves – For an ultra moisturising experience.
Cuticle oil – Always choose oils made from natural & organic sources.
Lotion – Try something healing like pomegranate or something unexpected like pear.
Base & top coat – Base coat protects your nails and a good topcoat seals in sleek shine.
Polish – Use something made with natural ingredients.

3. First Things First

Get everything you need within arms reach so you don’t have to get up again, then plop down in that comfy chair for your spa treat.

4. Trim & File

It’s best to trim & file nails while they are dry, as soaking them makes them more delicate. The length you trim to is pure personal preference, and be sure to file away any rough edges with a glass or (if you must) wooden file. Never use a metal file, it can cause breakage and damage delicate cuticles.

Home Manicure Tools

5. Soak Away

Try soaking for 10 minutes or until the water becomes tepid & take this opportunity to put your feet up and relax your eyes. Pat your hands dry and apply a thick slather of your favorite hand cream, then slip them inside the gloves for another 10 minutes of relaxing time.

6. Scrub Your Cares Away

Apply a sugar scrub that is fragranced with your favourite essential oil (you can always mix some olive oil, sugar & scented oil for the same effect). Gently rub in a circular motion around the entire hand – be sure to focus on cuticles and any rough spots. Rinse well (in the sink if you have to) & pat dry.

7. Cuticle Care

We don’t think cuticles deserve to be pushed around, hacked at with clippers or dissolved in chemicals. In fact healthy nails & skin will follow with healthy cuticles. The sugar scrub should have pulled off any dead skin cells so only clip off excess bits of skin & use a good pair of cuticle clippers. Then apply a natural cuticle oil liberally around each nail.

8. Hand Love

This is the best part, even if it is you doing it. Grab your favorite scented lotion and rub it in slow circular motions over hands, nails, and arms. Take this chance to give your hands a good massage, using your thumbs to rub up each finger and to loosen each muscle.

Home Manicure Tools

9. Colour Time

Now for nurturing your artistic side, wipe off any excess lotion on a dry towel and use a swipe of polish remover on each nail to remove excess oils. Apply a base coat as your foundation, then apply two coats of your favorite colour. Last but not least a fantastic top coat seals in the glam.

10. Let it DRY

Don’t ruin this lovely experience by attacking the dishes right away. Sit and allow yourself some more relaxing “me” time – you’ve got a closed door between you and the world. Put your feet up, have a coffee or read a book…on second thought, no books.

11. Number Most Important

This is a lovely pampering experience and here we go ruining it by jumping on our Team Inspirationail soapbox. But here goes, be sure to opt for responsible brands that produce ethical products without harsh chemicals you’ll feel the difference & so will Mother Nature.


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