Tips for Finding Green Nail Polishes & Products

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Nail Varnish IngredientsWe’ve already given you the lowdown about what’s in your nail varnish & how to dispose of it and this week we want to provide a sunnier outlook on the biz. There are plenty of companies with a conscience, or should we say, plenty of stylish companies.

Going Clean

It’s easier than you might think to clean up your makeup drawer, even larger companies are starting to recognize that greener is better. The fab lists below contain literally hundreds of beauty products that are ethically made and healthier for you – all at a reasonable price.

It’s hard to feel beautiful if you know you are wearing poison, make sound, ethical choices and your nails will thank you.

The Organic Nail Polish Myth

The Organic Nail Polish MythThere is a lot of marketing speak and jargon floating around the world of cosmetics and it’s important first and foremost to clear up any untruths. Organic nail polish is a myth and one that (no doubt) some companies will use to sell more varnish. Don’t fall for the charade, know what you are buying.

Natural Nail Salons

Natural Nail SalonsIf you are a spa kind of person and prefer to leave your nail care to the pros, we respect that. The nail techs we talk to firmly believe that salon care is superior to home care (and not just because they are selling it). However, you do want to avoid the chemicals found in salons, so we’ve developed a list of natural nail salons for a guilt-free treat.

Save a Bunny – Use Cruelty Free Polish

Cruelty Free PolishIf you are more of a DIY kind of person, well… we can respect that too. So we’ve collected huge lists of the safest, most ethical polishes around to help you do it as chemical-free as possible. First it’s important to ensure that any cosmetic brand you purchase from doesn’t test on animals – so here’s an enormous list of fab nail brands who don’t.

3 Free Polishes

3 Free PolishesAs the nail industry begins to clean up its act, consumers are reaping the benefits in the form of healthier, toxic fume-free formulas. Free of Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Toluene, we’ve got an enormous list of 3 free varnishes for those who want colourful nails without the harsh chemicals. All of the brands sold in our store are at least 3-free.

4 Free Polishes

4 Free PolishesAlthough many of the larger brands have taken the 3-free step, some of the smaller brands have always practised a more ethical ethos. It’s a much smaller list, (and it’s always being updated) but our list of 4 free varnishes features brands who aren’t only free of Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Toluene, but also free of Formaldehyde resin.

5 Free Polishes

5 Free PolishesWhere there is smoke, there is clearly fire and polish formulas are no exception. The trend towards safer cosmetics has created a huge array of safer lines, which keep getting better. Our growing list of 5 free varnishes includes brands that are not only free of Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Toluene and Formaldehyde resin but also free of camphor.

Water Based Polishes

Water Based PolishesThe safest polishes by far aren’t just free of the harsh chemicals, but they are made from water. It’s not easy to make chemical-free polishes actually work in practice so our hats are off to these brands. Here is a fab list of water based polishes that is actually one of our longer lists. We’re constantly updating it when new formulas are announced, so keep it bookmarked!

Vegan Polishes

Vegan PolishesIf you are worried about the earth and all of its critters, chances are you don’t want to wear products that use animal ingredients either. Luckily, removing animals from the cosmetics loop is a growing trend and there is a rather long and lovely list of vegan nail polishes to choose from. We are proud to offer a variety of vegan brands to choose from in our store.

Most Conscientious Nail Polish Brands

Most Conscientious Nail Polish BrandsWe’ve been collecting safer polishes for months now and are always on the lookout for another solid brand to add. In the course of our collecting, we’ve crunched some numbers and pinpointed a few (10 to be exact) specific brands who deserve a round of applause. Here is our list of the 10 most conscientious nail polish brands to help eliminate all of the guesswork.

Non Toxic Polish Remover

Non Toxic Polish RemoverPerhaps the worst part of nail polish is the need to remove it. Not just because it’s a dreary job, but because varnish removers smell horrible. Luckily, with all of the safer polishes the selection of safer (and sweeter smelling) removers is growing. Not only do we sell some amazing removers in our store, but we’ve got a fantastically long list with even more to choose from.

Earth Friendly Nail Files

Earth Friendly Nail FilesIt seems that the eco love is permeating all aspects of the nail industry and it’s good to see that you can find greener replacements for your whole manicure kit. The best files are undoubtedly glass and we sell them in our store. They are better for your nails and far prettier on the eye, here is a great list of earth and nail friendly files to help you find your next fave product.

More Tips

We have plenty of tips left to share so keep checking back for more. If you haven’t already seen foodie tips for keeping nails healthy, tips for healthy hands & feet and tips for safer cosmetics. Next week, we have all sorts of tips to help you select tomorrow’s nail colour.


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