Gemma Lambert: The Nail Team Co-founder Interview

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GemmaTell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?
I started in the nail industry at aged 15 when I started babysitting for my mums nail technician, as soon as I saw the art work you could create on the nails I knew I wanted to do it. I went straight to Barnsley College and did a 22 week nail course, learning all three systems, sculpting and manicure and pedicure. Once qualified I went onto do mobile work, in 2000 I rented a space in a tanning salon in Doncaster and enjoyed having a base, I then went onto managing a large nail bar in Doncaster before opening my own salon in October 2002.

I made sure that myself and my staff were kept up to date with new products and styles all the time by going on training courses, visiting trade shows and entering competitions. I have tried a wide range of products in my time as a nail tech and feel it is best to be non product bias in order to give your clients the best choice. I sold the salon in 2006 to concentrate on becoming a full time educator and competitor.

The Nail Team was created in 2008 by myself and Kirsty Lund to help other nail technicians on their journey through the industry and hopefully to inspire them to try new things.

Gemma's Work

Website & Places to find your work online
Our facebook group: The Nail Team and also on the kinetics and Margarita Belska websites until the nail teams is up and running.

You are launching a new website. What’s it about and how did you come up with the idea?
Gemma Lambert; 10x UK Nail Champion &
International Nail Technician of the Year 2009 &
Kirsty Lund; 9x UK Nail Champion &
2nd place International Nail Artist of the Year.

Have competed in over 50 UK & International competitions and have over 20 years experience within the nail industry, dedicating ourselves to raising industry standards and making our stamp…well this is it.

We have decided to start putting what we have learnt over the years to good use, so that you can use it in your journey in the nail industry. We would also like to start competing more internationally and hope our students take the trophies nationally.

Gemma's WorkWhat will be available to your customers?
We are currently working on a fantastic non product bias website which will give you:

  • Updates on what we are doing & latest industry news
  • Business advise
  • Product advise and reviews
  • The latest nail design’s
  • Step-by-steps with a list of products used (from ourselves & guest designers).
  • Chat room
  • Events calendar
  • 1-2-1 training, workshops and seminars
  • And in the future a shop of the best tools and products

We are also available for product companies on a consultancy basis, to help promote their product, to work on photo shoots or teach workshops and seminars.

Gemma's Work

One to one training can be used to build your skills in a variety of nail services. We charge by an hourly rate of £20 but the more hours you book the more discount you get.

( Full day 10am – 4pm is £100.)
We will be running skill building workshops in gel, acrylic, design work, sculpting, photographic, fantasy and competition nails. Workshops are 10am – 4pm at £90 a day.
this idea came from myself and kirsty meeting each other at nail competitions and finding we wanted the same things so after many long conversations we decided to launch the idea on facebook to see what sort of response we got, after just 6 months we have over a thousand members world wide.

Where are you located now?
I am located in Doncaster covering the North of England.

Gemma's Work

You are active in nail competitions, tell us about some of your highlights.
My first national nail competition was back in 2002 after doing my ezflow masters with Antony Buckley, he encoraged me to enter virgins (now known as novice) to my astonishment I came first by an amazing 82 points in front of second place, that was it I was hooked. In 2003 I manged to compete in Las Vegas which was a real eye opener, my biggest achievments are winning nail technician of the year 2009 at the professional beauty show in March and also winning two 1sts in one weekend at the beauty UK show in April 2009, this year has been amazing for me.

Other career highlights would be doing nails for Vivianne Westwood at London fashion week in 2008 and getting to do a photoshoot for Scratch magazine back in 2005.

How would you describe your style in one (or two) words?
Fun, colourful and individual.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere! I love it when the seasonal clothes cataloges come through my letter box, I get to see the up and coming colours and patterns. Trade shows and trade magazines are also good inspiration, but my favourite at the minute is facebook!

Which country has the best nails?
I have to say Japan has some amazing nails and techs! One day I will get over there!

Gemma's Work

What are your favorite nail products?
Kinetics, Nfu.Oh, Odyssey, Entity, Nubar, EzFlow and La Femme.

What effect do you think the Internet will have on nails and nail art?
I think it is having a massive effect, nail techs can see nail designs much easier and also question how they are done, so they are becoming more adventurous.

Do you have a lot of men customers who like to get their nails done, if so what do these chaps usually go for?
No I don’t but if theres any out there please come see me!! ha ha!!

What colour / design are your nails at the moment?
You can see them in the pic below, neon is very popular at the min.

Gemma's Work

What are your top tips to get rockstar nails?
Celebrities /rockstars don’t seem to be as adventurus with their nails, they stick to deep colours with dimanties or sharp lines on them or metallic wraps.

Can you give us a preview of hot trends for 2010?
I really think Edge Nails will take off in 2010 with more techs giving them a go.

What else are you passionate about?
Customer service! Whether that’s for clients, students or product companies, it’s about making them feel good, important and giving constructive feedback.

What was the last thing you bought?
Nfu.Oh rainbow jelly 1 collection, loving it!

What’s your advice to anyone training to become a nail technician?

Once you’ve done your beginners course go onto as many advanced courses as you can afford each year, you can never stop learning!!!!!

Gemma's Work

Visit trade shows and get trade magazines to stay up to date with new trends and products, give competitions a go – the feed back you get back from the judges is priceless!!

What would you be doing if you weren’t in nails?
Photography! I’m doing a course in september so maybe I can do both together.

Many Thanks

Thanks to Gemma for answering our questions & sharing a little more about herself. Stay tuned for more interesting interviews with other fun & fearless members of the nail industry.

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  1. ilianna kosta says:

    i like very very much your work……you are professionist…bravo…

  2. ilianna kosta says:

    the word wow it is madefor you ……….. bravissima

  3. YOLANDA CHAO says:

    congratulations for your place and your work.

  4. Wow! this is fab! You are so talented and I would like to model my site after yours. Where do I sign up? I love it

  5. SONIA says:

    Wow amazing work, congratulation (Excelenten)

  6. Sherry Auter Hubbard says:

    Awesome work! My expertise is in natural nail care,
    specializing in diabetic and cancer patients. I admire
    your work, so artistic! Congratulations! Sherry A Hubbard

  7. Michele says:

    You are amazing! I am following you on Facebook and would like to know if you ever come to this side of the pond (Montreal, Canada to be exact). I love your technique and hope you could do some basic youtubes as nail art hasn’t really caught on here yet!
    I don’t do acrylic only gel as I have bad allergies, but I’ve seen the new design gel for nail art. What do you think?
    I hope to train with you someday! <3

  8. aimar says:

    hola como obtengo esos polvos ¿son polvo acrilico o gel e color? aqui en venezuela no los hay

  9. Team Inspirationail says:

    Translation of the above comment…..
    “Hello, How can I get those powders? Are they acrylic or gel? We don’t have them in Venezuela”

  10. Renee says:

    Yes, you truly are an inspiration! Great article, Gemma and great to get to know more about you. Your work is absolutely gorgeous!

  11. gemma says:

    thank you guys for your lovely comments, the powders are avaliable from nubar, see there facebook page for more info and also keep watching for my videos coming soon on facebook!!
    gemma xx

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  15. Helen mason says:

    I love the work you do ! Your amazing at nails
    I am a nail technician are you able to book appointments with you or staff you have in the salon ? thanks

  16. Heyaa im a nail tech, i left college (qualified in nails) this september and was wondering how to book these classes. and are they with you directly, you really are an inspiration and i admire your work. id love to know what you think – taking into consideration ive only just qualified hahaha

  17. zoe says:

    Do you ever hold classes in Newcastle?

  18. Judi says:

    Hi the nails are awesome I love them. I am finding it hard to get the wright consistency on acrylic does the products you use and brush matter because I don’t get a bead I get a blob on the end of my brush.

  19. Wanda Wisecup says:

    I have watched some of your tutorials and I must say how beautiful you are! You have got to be the best instructor I have ever seen, your work is amazing. Thank you so much. I am 70 years old and I paint roses so using your application technique and my roses, most people think they are decals. I spread your name so all of my friends can see how wonderful you teach! Thank you again! Wanda Wisecup. Lake Odessa, Michigan, USA. Do you ship your products to the USA? Please respond.

  20. Acrylicfan says:

    Hi Gemma, have watched all of your video tutorials and think you are fantastic. Your art is fabulous – your hands are so steady. I wish you were here in Australia?

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  22. Hope says:

    One of the thing I have a problem with is knowing what colors match with texture of other style gel the are nice to look at on anyone’s hands. What should I do?

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