An Interview with Gaëlle Mouster – The Body Painting Minx

By Inspirationail

Gaelle MousterWhat is your Web site and other places that readers can find you online?

You are a makeup artist and body painter, how did you become involved in such a unique business?
I started body-painting by meeting a french artist called René Boëlle. I was makeup artist and graphic designer (I was doing canvas also as a hobby). I just wanted to try and took a training course with him. I soon became very passionate about body-painting.

Did you learn the techniques you use in school or are you a self-taught artist?
I used to do the brush and sponge technique when I was living in France, like René Boëlle. Then I met Alex Hansen in Canada when I immigrated in 1999. He is now a body-painting world champion in Airbrush. He became a friend of mine and we started working a lot together, doing photoshoots and shows. I learnt a lot from him. Now I mix all the techniques.

Professional Body Painter

© Pascal Rameux

Where do you get your inspiration?
Everywhere in fact, in nature, magazines, from the web, books and most of the time in my head 😉 With Alex we tried to finds things that nobody has done before. We create new concepts.

You are active in body painting competitions, tell us about some of your highlights.
Yes, I really like competing. It’s always a challenge to create something new and to try to be the best.

Gaelle at work

When you work for clients you have to do what they want. In competition you are free. It’s also good to see if your work is as good as the body-painters working in the same market as yours.

Out of all of the bodies (and faces) you’ve painted, which one is your favourite?
My favorite is always the last one I’ve done, as I try to do better each time, creating new things, with more technique. But, one of my favorite is the Ice Queen I did two years ago, and the Monster I did for FABAIC last year (I won 2nd place with it).

Gaelle Mouster

You also teach training courses, is painting people a difficult art to teach (and learn)?
I have been teaching body-painting for a few years now. It’s not really difficult to learn if you are good in Art. What is difficult is to create in 3D, as the body is not a canvas! Also, you have to find your own style, and to do that, it takes a few years as you have to create your own look that everyone can recognize and say, “Oh, that’s Gaelle’s work” (for example).

Gaëlle Mouster

© Pascal Rameux

Tell us about your involvement in Color Mundo.
I created Color Mundo 4 years ago now. I wanted to make people share my passion and show them that body-painting is Art.

I wanted to really expand people’s perception of body-painting, and have them understand that it’s not just painting on fake clothes for girls at a motorcycle show, or launching a new bear!

exceptionail beauty magazineYou’re an active editor for ExceptioNail.Beauty Magazine & Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Spa Magazine. Is writing another art form you enjoy?
I like meeting passionate people, and this is what is so great about editorial work. I meet a lot of makeup artists, massotherapists, aestheticians, spas owners, manufacturers… I learn a lot from them and try to pass their knowledge and passion on to readers through the magazines ExceptioNail.Beauty Magazine & Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Spa Magazine.

Nail design is a natural progression in your work, have you always done nails or is that a talent you developed later?
Well, I like to know what I’m talking about.

I had to write a lot of articles about Nails in Exceptionail.Beauty magazine, so I decided to take a training courses. Then I used it for my body-paintings to add accessories to my characters. It’s all part of my touch!

Minx Fashion Victim

Does the Minx line allow you more creativity with nail design?
Ho yes! I like doing futuristic and fantastic characters, and the Minx Silver and Golden Lightning are some of my favorites. But I also like the new Teaser line from Minx. They have so many designs, you can really create without end!

We know you love Minx, what other nail products do you like & use?
I work with INM or CREATIVE NAILS products to make nail enhancements. I use those Acrylic products also to create 3D nails.

Gaelle Mouster

© Pascal Rameux

What effect do you think the Internet will have / has had on the beauty industry?
It already helps artists working in the industry to show their art to a much wider audience. It’s also easier to find products and to learn new techniques. Soon, people won’t be able to work without the Internet!

How do you use the Internet in conjunction with your business?
I use the Internet to find pictures, to get inspiration, to track down new products. I also use it to learn and to share with other artists, thanks to Facebook.

Body Paint

© Pascal Rameux

I meet a lot of artists during shows all over the world, and thanks to the Internet we keep in touch all year long. I also find models thanks to the Model Mayhem website. It’s difficult to works on bodies without models, so the Internet is very useful for me.

Besides painting people what else are you passionate about?
Dance, Tattoo, Cinema and Art in general (I love going to museums, and seeing the various canvases).

Many Thanks

Thanks to Gaëlle for answering our questions & sharing a little more about herself.

We’d also like to thank Stéphane Tétreault (Minx Canada) who is also responsible for some of the nails pictured as well as the lovely models Marie-Andrée Tailly, Clara Cloutier & Lily Sushi.

Stay tuned for more interesting interviews with other fun & fearless members of the nail industry.


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