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Team FavesThis week our favorites come from Suncoat and we’ve moved our attention from nails to some of our other products (for now, anyway). There was no discussion on the faves for this week, we are absolutely in love with their liquid eyeliner & eye friendly mascara.

Honorary Mention

Let’s face it, there is nothing easy about finding good cosmetics that are naturally produced, anyone who has tried will agree. But we are impressed with Suncoat’s staying power and both of these products use vegan sugar-based biopolymers in place of the chemicals used in many conventional products. Their liner is enriched with vitamin E, non-allergenic (perfect for the sensitive eye type) a precision tip makes application a breeze and it comes in brown, jade & navy.

Their natural mascara builds volume & length and it’s the perfect compliment – free of parabens, fragrance & alcohol. Developed in an incredibly gentle formula (that didn’t even irritate our non-mascara wearers) & comes in black & brown.

The Goods

Both of these products are smudge-free, long lasting, easy to apply and can be removed with soap & water. They are also coloured only with natural pigments from the earth.

Made from a sugar-based formula in lieu of chemicals, these cosmetic choices are sweet on so many levels…

Suncoat Natural Eyeliner

Probably our favorite liquid eyeliner ever

Suncoat Natural Mascara

About Suncoat

SuncoatSuncoat was created by a chemist who was horrified to discover how many chemicals went into conventional cosmetics. She set out to develop her own water based formulas using natural & renewable ingredients. The goal – to develop products she could feel good about her children using.

Not only are their products made with animal-friendly ingredients, they aren’t tested on the little critters either.

On That Note…

It’s important to make responsible choices when it comes to other nail products as well. We stock a variety of brands who make products that are free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary animal ingredients.

So as you head over to get a some of your new favorite eyeliner & the gentlest mascara you’ve ever tried be sure to have a browse of our other yummy products as well.


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