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Team FavesThis week’s favourites is perhaps the most interesting of our brands & definitely the best for indecisive types. Each of Del Sol’s varnishes is two colours in one, changing from indoors to outdoors. We think all of the shades are fab and couldn’t agree on just 2 (or even 5) faves, but we did agree on what to share this week, sweet & spicy Peek a Boo and sweetly iridescent Day Dreamer.

Honorary Mention

The Del Sol brand has been around a while & earned their name for the shirts that changed colours when exposed to the UV rays of sunlight. That idea was just a jumping off point for a whole line of colour changing products. Every one of their shades is one colour inside and a (usually shockingly) different colour outside. We can’t get enough of them and won’t rest until we’ve tried them all!

The Goods

Not only are they interesting, but Del Sol polishes are made without 3 of the harsher chemicals found in most conventional nail varnish, Toluee, DBP & Formaldehyde.

Not only does it come in a great array of colours, but this polish is sure to be a conversation piece no matter where you go. (Ahem, we hope you’ll tell them where you got it).

Del Sol Peek a Boo Polish

Peek a Boo is a sweet baby pink inside & an arresting bright red outside.

Del Sol Day Dreamer Polish

Day Dreamer is an iridescent cream inside & a bright, shimmering purple outside.

About Del Sol

Del Sol began with an idea invented by NASA and came to colourful life through Del Sol’s enhancement. Their varnish is just a small part of their extensive & popular colour-changing line (but we think it’s by far the best part) & it’s our most popular brand.

It’s hard to believe their varnish can change colours and still contain fewer chemicals than conventional polishes.

On That Note…

It’s important to make responsible choices when it comes to other nail products as well. We stock a variety of brands who make products that are free of harsh chemicals and unnecessary animal ingredients.

So as you head over to get your pink & red combo & your iridescent cream & purple combo be sure to have a browse of our other yummy products as well.


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