Copper for Healthy Nails

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OystersCopper plays a vital role in the development & performance of the nervous & cardiovascular systems. This mineral also inhibits the growth of microbes which helps to protect the body against harmful germs & bacteria.

Although important for overall body & immune system health, this mineral is only needed in trace amounts. Anyone with a balanced diet should intake an ample supply as both deficiency & toxicity are rare.

Copper has been used in medicine for thousands of years, largely due to it’s antifungal & antibacterial properties.

Those same qualities help to fight infections of the nail & nail beds. This is especially important for those whose nails are exposed to elements that promote the growth of harmful bacteria.

Food Sources

Here are a wide variety of fabulous sources.

CherriesAnimal Sources
Oysters, organ meats, red meat, poultry & shellfish (contains the highest concentration).

Fruit & Veg Sources
Whole grains, legumes, cherries, dark chocolate (yay), dried fruits, nuts , leafy greens, prunes, soybeans, tofu, mushrooms, potato skin, coconut, papaya & apples.

Signs of Deficiency

Aside from a raging nail infection, other signs that you are deficient in copper are dark spots under nails which can be brittle & thin.

Important Heavy Metal

Not just a metal, copper is clearly important for the health of our whole bodies. Lucky for us its easy to find (even in chocolate) and even easier to make sure you have an ample supply. Be sure to check out the other vitamins that are important for nail health & for the VIP treatment you can subscribe to the Inspirationail newsletter.


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