Nail Varnish Colours for Autumn Skin Tones

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Autumn Colours


Autumns are a combination of warm & muted skin tones. Their skin can range from light to dark with golden undertones and eyes come in shades of brown & hazel. Hair ranges from firey copper red to deep brunette to raven black.

There four different types of autumn colours

Absolute Autumn – Skin is warm in colour, hair is neutral beige to copper red.
Autumn – Summer – Hair is light brown to light red and eyes tend to be lighter.
Autumn – Spring – Hair is blonde, skin is honey coloured and eyes are light brown to hazel.
Autumn – Winter Hair and skin are very dark with warm undertones.

Colours to Use

Olive Green Nail Varnish

Images from idsartha
Rich, spicy colours like orange, olive & mustard.

Peach Nail Varnish

Images from yugggies
Vibrant, deep colours like peach, teal blue, and turquoise.

Warm Grey Nail Varnish

Warm neutrals like taupe, warm grey & rust.

Colours to Avoid
Autumns should avoid bright, clear colours and pastels with blue tones which will make skin appear sallow. Stark black and white will also make skin look faded.

Not An Autumn?

There are four seasons to choose from so be sure to take a look at spring, summer & winter colours to learn more.
As always, feel free to have a wander around our store to find varnish colours that will look fabulous on you.


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