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Angel WilliamsName
Angel Williams of Nature’s Intent Hand & Foot Spa

Website & Places we can find you online
Nature’s Intent Facebook Page
Follow Angel on Twitter: @AngelNailsIt & @naturesintent

Tell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?
Foot loose and fancy free 33 yo from Richmond, VA. Actually in 1994 I attended College, wanting to obtain an accounting degree, but something tragic happen and I took time out. A friend mentioned she was going to nail school orientation, and ask if I wanted to come with. I was thinking…. heck no, but I went anyway. On the board, the Instructor was explaining how you can make this amount x this amount of people x this amount of days. Being the numbers girl that I was, I joined, my friend didn’t.

Needless to say we were doing pedicures within the first week of class and I fell in love with the nail industry then and there.

Angel at work

We love to talk to people in the industry with natural interests, what made you decide to keep it real & natural?
Early on, when learning how to do enhancements I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to focus on, I really didn’t enjoy the routine of performing the service.

I believe that the nails are usually their healthiest in their natural state and I wanted to go beyond that.

I wanted to take care of the skin and nails, and use what nature provides to do that, by using things like flowers, fruits and essential oils.

You created Nature’s Intent Hand & Foot Spa to further your passion for natural beauty. Do you see a green trend growing in the industry?
I want to say yes. But I don’t like to use the words green and trend in the same sentence.

Nature's Intent Spa

Image © Keon Winston

Trends can “go out” and I think practicing “green” even in the most subtle of ways is so very “in”.

Out of all of your treatments which one is the most decadent?
I would have to say the Scent-sational Manicure/Pedicure, I choose a scent for the season. This season I’m offering a Cranberry Marmelade Mani/Pedi- a juicy blend of tart cranberry, bright mandarin and Italian blood oranges, and fresh pink grapefruit all gently sweetened by exotic fig to help transform winter weathered hands and feet. Service also includes a paraffin treatment.

Nails aside, does your passion for nature carry over into every aspect of your life?
Honestly, not every aspect. But when it comes to my “person”, what I put on my hair and body, I dutifully stick to natural products. I so struggle with my eating habits though.

Nature's Intent Spa

Image © Keon Winston

Many are suspect of “green” becoming too mainstream, do you think the whole idea could become corrupted by big business?
Not to be a smarty pants, but most things become corrupt when big business sticks it’s nose in it for the sake of just gaining money or simply reacting to what customers are saying they want. Rather than being seriously passionate about the cause.

What chemicals should people avoid at all cost in their nail products?
Formaldehyde, toluene, DBP and ethyl acetate in nail hardeners and polishes. Methacrylic acid in primers.

Angel's Work

What eco-friendly products & companies do you use?
I like to use what some would call Indie Handmeade Beauty products, products that are made by hand or from scratch, not some mass produced product filled with chemicals, sitting on a shelf for days on end.

But I am a product adulterer. I like to use Villainess Soaps (Brooke, TN) with a dash of Flower-Peddler Bath and Beauty (Michelle,VA), sprinkled with House of Lukaya (Lucretia, VA)…. the best Body Buttah out there.

What effect do you see Minx having on the nail industry?
Currently Minx is taking the industry by storm, it’s opening eyes, reminding people that your nails is one of the must-have accessories to complete a look.

Angel's Work

Image © John Scott

How does Minx fit into your mantra for products & procedures?
A tag line I always use is-Minx is a green alternative to nail polish, and it is. There’s no liquids, no harsh chemical involved with the process, so it’s an ultimate compliment to services I already provide.

Also I’m not what you would call a “nail artist”, that does not come naturally to me, my focus is more so on beautifying the nail itself, so Minx has allowed me to tap into a creative side that has been dormant for a while.

Who do you admire in the World of Nails?
Lisa Logan, Jenna Hipp and Maisie Dunbar, not for their status in this industry but how their work and professionalism has commanded that our industry is looked at as a true profession.

Nature's Intent

How do you use the Internet in conjunction with your nail business?
Social Media has help me tremendously with my nail business. I’ve met and reached out to so my people through these channels, Some of my biggest cheerleaders, motivators and educators I’ve met through Social Networking (FB and Twitter), MaReesa D, my Queen of Marketing, My Minx sisters Vickie (TX) and Melody (NC), be it directly or indirectly.

Also the internet keeps you ahead of the game in ways like never before.

If you could change one thing about the industry what would it be?
the perception that nails is not on the same playing field as hair and makeup.

Nature's Intent Spa

Have any advice for people who care for their own nails?
Strive for your active length, that old-Don’t use your nails as tools and Moisture is key for keeping those cuticles healthy and hangnails at bay.

Many Thanks

A big thanks to Angel for answering our questions, be sure to keep up with the latest about her on Nature’s Intent Spa and stay tuned for more interesting interviews with other fun & fearless members of the nail industry.


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