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Adina BodanaWebsite & places you can find me online
Facebook: a-england
Twitter: @aenglandtweets

Tell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?
I was born in Milan Italy with a dream: to pursue and express my love for beauty in every possible field. My first official step was to get involved in the fashion world. My very first and longest work experience was as a designer assisting Gianni Versace with whom I collaborated for projects in fashion, ballet and opera. I moved to London in 1989 where I continued for a while to immerse myself in the world of fashion, designing spectacular dresses for a Dubai-based luxury haute couture house and accessories for other international companies.

Where are you located?
London my beloved city on earth.

a-england nail varnish - The Legend

Painting: Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) – The Beguiling of Merlin

You’ve always been a part of the arts. When did you first become involved in the nail industry and what inspired the decision?
As a little girl I became fascinated by polished nails which I looked with awe. My favourite play was to use watercolours and even geranium petals to replicate the effect of varnish. During my time in fashion I explored almost every field in design: clothes, accessories, jewelry, even tiles! At one stage I became aware I have fulfilled a complete perfect the cycle with nothing more to say.

I realised instead that painting my nails was still a constant expression, a source of enjoyment and a way to connect with people. Eventually the right time came when I felt ready to entwine my two passions for England and nail colours.

a-england nail varnish - The Legend

Images © Eugenia Ragas

Tell us about creating a-england
a-england Is a one person concept and offers a product with stories and a heart. My special and unique relationship with England plays an important part in my inspiration. Something I define as “a call from the heart” and the only reason I left behind career and security in my native country. Coming to England represented my “personal Epiphany” and its spirit is intrinsically bonded with my life. That’s why the letter “a” (my initial) is linked to England in the logo. Books have always been dearest companions, paintings and architecture and all the manifestation of arts another great source of pleasure. When I thought about a nail polish brand It came natural to offer not only a product but a story as well inspired by my emotions; something to think, talk and maybe fantasize about.

a-england nail varnish - Adina Bodana

Adina Bodana, Founder of a-england

2 Other important elements play an important role: beauty linked to quality and to the human contact, caring for each other. Communication, interaction with the world of followers out there is fundamental to me.

Your polish is 3-free and not tested on animals. Thanks for creating a more conscientious product & was it more difficult to create than conventional formulas?
I have been a vegeterian for 24 years now and try to do my best to help the planet.

Cruelty free and 3 Free with max quality were the 3 requests to the manufacturer during my first approach.

Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) - Last Sleep Of King Arthur in Avalon

Last Sleep of King Arthur in Avalon – Edward Burne-Jones

The whimsical polish names and vivid colours must have been great fun to put together. What inspired the collection theme?
My start is always the same whatever the project: to look at pre-raphaelite paintings, a very English movement of visionaries in the Victorian era and my other long life passion. Edward Burne-Jones especially expresses a world where beauty, peace and love only exist. His renditions of the Arthurian Legend are majestic and to dream for. Also the myth of King Arthur has been one I fantasised more when a child.

a-england nail varnish - The Legend

St George and the Dragon Series. No.7 – The Return – Edward Burne-Jones

Can you give us a preview of where you think nail fashion will go in 2012?
I am not in the position of giving previews for the future and I am not part of the big commercial cosmetic world. Technology is a very important component to offer quality and fun now and in the future. As for nail fashion I see the magic of colour on nails to develop more, expand and be consistent in the years to come. Each company has something to offer and to say but the constant theme is the pleasure to have a colour on your nails, living with you and been able to observe it all the time with different reflexions in different lights.

Painted nails are more than cosmetic and accessory, they are part of one’s body language.

a-england nail varnish - Percerval

Adina wearing Percerval with her favorite Vivienne Westwood armor ring

Tell us about your new a-england collection, The Legend?
Another link to the English culture, another myth and a beautiful story. 7 shades with 6 of theme holos and one sparkle. I had to include 2 green holos to make all the lovely bloggers and customers happy!!! There is also a soft green gold holo very chic that matches my 6 months kitten Tristam’s eyes.

Have you set a launch date yet?
Still waiting for the manufacturer to tell me when my new babies will be delivered…

a-england nail varnish - Tristam the cat

Tristam in action

Aside from your own, which nail products do you use on your own nails?
A cuticle softener and cuticle oil daily. Nail polish remover of course.

What effect do you think the Internet will have on nails and nail art?
It is an unlimited media. Probably the development of a-england would be at a very early stage without it. The interest and affection bloggers and public gave to me since the first day of launching my web can only be achieved with the Internet.

Fiona MacCarthy - The Last pre-RaphaelitePeter Ackroyd - The Death Of King Arthur

Some of Adina’s inspiration

It is extraordinary to be able to communicate, find affinities and exchange passions and daily life with all the world just through a screen!

Do you use the Internet in conjunction with your nail business?

Do you have a shout out to any industry peeps/ bloggers?
I… don’t shout, I whisper hahaha. I believe in freedom of expression and creativity. I simply do my own things and let the others do theirs.

Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) - The Vision of the Holy Grail to Sir Galahad, Sir Bors & Sir Perceval

The Vision of the Holy Grail to Sir Galahad, Sir Bors & Sir Perceval – Edward Burne-Jones

What else are you passionate about?
I mentioned already my longtime passions. I have a penchant for rings too: mainly Vivienne Westwood ones which I collect; they go so well with my nail polish. A very new addition is my kitty Tristam who’s brought more joy in my life, inspires and amazes me every day with his innocence and purity.

If could have a superpower, what would it be?
To be able to intervene to resolve conflicts and reach justice in a peaceful way.

a-england nail varnish

Many Thanks

Thanks to Adina for answering our questions and sharing a little more about her cult nail varnish brand. Check out a-england’s newest collection and Inspirationail collaboration where we have teamed up with a-england to celebrate the launch of their new colours. There are seven new colours and we’ve got the whole collection to give away, starting next week.

Stay tuned for more interesting interviews with other fun & fearless members of the nail industry.


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