A Fab List of 4 Free Nail Polish Brands

By Inspirationail

4-Free VarnishesLast time we featured varnish brands whose products are manufactured 3-free (without Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate and Toluene). This week we are taking things a little further and sharing brands who are also free of Formaldehyde Resin or 4-free brands.

Sticking To Our Story

For the sake of time, we are only going to include those brands who are committed to 4 free formulas. There are others which are even safer and we’ll share them in the weeks to come. Of course, as we get safer the lists will get smaller. While we don’t like them, chemicals are used in conventional formulas for a reason. They help the varnish go on smooth, adhere to the nail, dry quickly and form a hard barrier – and those are some hard acts to follow.

The process of replacing chemicals with less toxic (but just as effective) ingredients is not an easy one. Our hats are off to these brands for their work.

4 Free Varnishes

Don’t Be Shy

If we are missing anything, be sure to let us know in the comments below. We want to celebrate all of the responsible brands and share them with the world. Stay tuned for even safer varnishes next time & be sure to check out the 3-free varnishes and those that don’t test on animals as well.

Cruelty Free | 3 Free | 5 Free | Water Based | Vegan

  • Ashley

    Julep has nail polishes that are 4-free and 3-free, plus they are awesome polishes in lots of pretty colors.

  • http://iamnotjoe.tumblr.com Joan

    Urban Outfitters nail polishes are also 4-free!

  • Kat

    Get Nailed is an EXCELLENT 4 free line! Check it out! http://www.getnailedlacquer.com

  • Andrea

    We would love for you to add our nail polish to the list! You can find us at http://www.tilliepolish.com

  • MadameDeEss

    Super Black Lacquers are also 4-free, with unusual colors. http://www.superblacklacquers.com

  • Karen Lee Copen

    You’re forgetting Julep! Julep polishes are 4-free and they have beautiful colors!!

  • RoaringRenee

    Diosa! Just got their “Like Whoa” nail polish. Bold pink color with a matte finish. Gorgeous!!


    Super Black Lacquers are an indie brand that are 4-free

  • maythe

    My favorite nail polish is not here! ;o Julep <3

  • Jaimie Tull

    Luster Luxe is 4-Free http://www.lusterluxepolish.com

  • Antonia

    Yep, I was also going to sat Julep! Best nail polishes and superb colors!

  • carlaboo11

    Julep has a range. Some are 3 free, some are 4 free, and some of the newer ones are 5 free. They are hard to put in a category because it depends on which color you have in front of you.

  • http://isawsomethingnice.ch/ isawsomethingnice.ch

    what about KURE BAZAAR? I thought they are 4free too. X


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