Munchies Nail Art Tutorials (with Links to Delish Quick Fix Recipes)


Sushi / Minx Nails at Fred Butler
Inspirationail encourages healthy living, we have huge lists of tips for healthy hands and feet and we’ll continue to advocate the natural approach. For those days when you feel to indulge, try to remember there’s a big difference between heading to your local fast food joint and pigging out on a slime burger with cheese than there is to having your nails painted to resemble mini candy canes while you munch on a fav homemade snack. Indulging needn’t be unhealthy, you’ll feel better if you eat well so let’s keep the junk food in nail art form with a little inspiration from these impressive and creative munchies nail art tutorials.

Having a balance of essential vitamins & minerals can minimise cravings. Most of the time.

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9,000 Twitter Followers


Inspirationail on Twitter has reached an incredible 9,000 followers and to celebrate here are a few of our most dayum tweets and RT’s.

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David Anthony – Interview with the Industry’s Mayor


David Anthony - President of Valentino Beauty PureWebsite & Places you can find me online:
Valentino Beauty Pure
Website | Facebook | Instagram
VBP International
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Tell us a little about you, what is your background & where do you come from?
I grew up in salons and barber shops coming from a long line of beauty professionals with an entrepreneur spirit. My Grandfather was a barber with numerous barber shops. My Father had the top award winning salons in South Beach, Miami, and Boca Raton, Florida. This is where I spent my teenage years and early 20s working in these salons. I went on to manage them when I was in my early 20s under my Father’s watchful eye. The salons were an hour apart from each other and the store in South Beach, even though the hype was there, the business was hard to develop.

I told my father we should think out of the box and hook up with all the modeling agencies such as Ford, Willemna, and Irene Marie to contract our stylists for their photo shoots.

I had a unique opportunity present itself and I left the beauty business and opened two of the Jersey Shore’s most sought after pizzerias”. While I had the pizzerias’’ I also had the opportunity come up to become a partner with an elite marketing agency that developed interactive marketing campaigns for Spring Break. I was dealing with companies such as Coca Cola, Red Bull, Trojan, Twix, MTV, Jeep, and Chrysler.

In 2009 after selling the businesses, I went full circle back into the beauty industry with my Father, except this time as a manufacturer.

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Valentino Beauty Pure


Valentino Beauty PureValentino Beauty Pure came about as a solution to one of the industry’s major problem, inadequate ventilation in nail salons and spas. Fast forward a few years and their products are being used by nail professionals of the A-list celebrities.
Their tagline is “Where Beauty Meets Health” and after seeing the results of their products Inspirationail was all over this story like nail dust in a chop shop.

As our readers know, Inspirationail is all about healthy living, for us healthy is sexy and we strongly believe the natural approach is better in all aspects of life… We also understand that not everyone feels the same, instead of telling you to eliminate certain products and services from your salon (don’t worry we get it, you’re not going to take life instructions from a website) we look for ways to inform on how to minimise risks that all nail professionals have to deal with on a daily basis.

Valentino Beauty Pure GEN VI S

Inspirationail was lucky enough to catch up with Valentino Beauty Pure, find out what they’re all about…

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9 Funkalicious St. Patrick’s Day Nail Art Tutorials


St. Patrick's Day Nail Art TutorialHappy Paddy’s Day, yet another prefect time time of the year to decorate your digits. Whether you prefer stamping, messing around with water-marbling, finely painting with an art brush or making your own DIY nail stickers we have ooodles of inspiration for you to make this St. Patrick’s Day the best you’ve had.

Don’t give it a second thought if you’re thinking you can’t pull off wearing green, at this time of year, you can. Go for it – unleash your inner leprechaun!

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